At Doctor's Advantage, we look to surpass the highest standards of product quality and efficacy. Every Doctor's Advantage supplement is manufactured using premium ingredients and produced in NSF certified facilities.


Doctor's Advantage was started by board certified physicians to answer a growing concern in medicine today. Over a period of several years, many clinical studies have determined that increased amounts of specific vitamins and nutrients can provide support for various essential health functions in the body. Following the release of these studies, many specialists and primary care doctors began recommending increased amounts of certain foods or supplements. Many of our patients were taking vitamin supplements, but were unaware of the name of the vitamins, their ingredients, or their quality. Just as we manage the dosages of our patient's prescription medications, we feel that it is necessary to also monitor our patient's use of non-prescription supplements for their own safety and medical benefit.

Doctors and their patients may now enjoy the quality and benefits of high grade nutritional supplements manufactured under strict guidelines in NSF certified facilities. Our supplements also undergo testing for purity and accuracy in dosages. Our current product line has been carefully optimized to address specific nutritional needs.

Our medical advisory board of licensed physicians continues to review the benefits of vitamins and supplements as published in medical literature. New formulations and reviews of current products are discussed on a regular basis to provide you with the highest quality and most advanced supplements available.

If you are a patient, ask your doctor about Doctor's Advantage products or have them contact us. If you are a health care provider or involved in the wellness industry and want to offer your patients or customers our high quality products and become part of the rapidly increasing wellness industry, please contact us through our web site. The business model has been extremely simplified and designed for your success.


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